Wednesday, September 3, 2008

if you don't have health insurance

Here is a web site that can help. Look up your drug, and it will tell you if there's a program through its manufacturer to get you the medicine for free.... [posted on Clever Title Goes Here]

Managed Care Health Insurance Coverage

HMOs, or Health Maintenance Organizations, are a type of managed care. You usually pay a set monthly fee for HMO care, regardless of the amount of services you use.

Re: I Just Shopped Insurance

As someone already stated, different companies use different criteria when underwriting policies.,2374.msg51003.html#msg51003

Snooker Betting Update; The Saga Insurance Masters

The snooker season gets into full swing early in the New Year as the Saga Insurance Masters gets started in the middle of January. [SANEPR 4 January, 2007]

Flood insurance getting political nod (AP)

AP - The federal flood insurance program may be going broke after incurring $20 billion in debt from recent storms like Hurricane Katrina.

Our First Insurance Covered Sensor Order

Woo Hoo!! I placed an order before Christmas for new sensors, and told them they would need to bill our insurance, (there was a substantial amount of shock in the voice on the other end of the line).

Mandatory Health Insurance Issues

Some states - like New York and New Jersey - already promote individual coverage by requiring insurers to offer it to all comers through what are known as "guarantee-issue" laws.

Insurance Leads Generation Expert Reveals His Secrets

ContentDesk) January 24, 2006 -- Port Washington, NY - One of the biggest challenges professionals in the insurance and financial services industry face is obtaining insurance leads , annuity leads any type of sales lead - without ...

Mortgage Insurance Fairness Act

Let's start with the news: The Mortgage Insurance Fairness Act was passed by Congress last month. This bill provides for afederal income tax deduction for private mortgage insurance and FHA mortgage insurance premiums.

Car Insurance

Just wondered when you go out there from UK is your no claims bonus carried over which will make insurance cheaper.